High Expectations

**warning… below are more analogies of God and the Ocean. Seems to be a theme lately, just go with it… Tomorrow Ladd and I fly to Burundi. We will be visiting for 12 days in-country, with stops in Amsterdam and Nairobi, Kenya on our way there and back. We are both highly looking forward to … More High Expectations

Spiritual Nevada

If you are a human and have known Jesus for any amount of time, then you have probably experienced what C.S. Lewis calls a “trough.” In his book The Screwtape Letters, he writes through the perspectives of demons as they try to trip up Christians and keep others from never knowing the truth of God. … More Spiritual Nevada

Jumping Ship

In case you have been living under a rock for some time, I should inform you that I love kids. Don’t look so surprised. To be fair, although I love all kids, there are some that just take up serious space in my heart. I am talking about needing-an-extra-three-terabite-hard-drive kind of space, metaphorically and literally. … More Jumping Ship


I really strive to not live legalistically. Jesus had plenty to say to those who stuck to the Law while sacrificing love for people. That said, he did command that we take a Sabbath, a day off once per week where we rest, make no plans or commitments, and take time to sit with him. … More Re-Potted

Throwback post…Nov. 19, 2012/ Adopted Grandma

So many of you may remember that before I came here, I asked God something very specific…this is a story of how God provides, and an encouragement to the older generation! 🙂 I am a highly relational person. I love my relationships with people. Of all my relationships, one of the most valued relationship-type that … More Throwback post…Nov. 19, 2012/ Adopted Grandma