To Get You Up To Speed…

I (Carley) realized that we haven’t written much since leaving Burundi a couple years ago. Therefore, some gaps may need to be filled in! If you are ultra-confused as to what is going on, this is a great blog for you to read!

After getting married in 2010, God moved us to Burundi, a small and beautiful country in East Africa. Ladd was involved in training young leaders and Carley taught Bible at an international secondary school. After living there for a couple years, and falling in love with Burundi and its people, we decided to move back home to finish our education in order to return to East Africa and work there with a better understanding. Ladd is finishing at Gonzaga this May with his bachelor’s degree in International Relations and French, and Carley has one more year at Liberty University to finish her degree in Theology and Religious Studies.

Since returning from Burundi in 2014, we have plunged into full-time ministry and schooling. For the last three years we have been working at our local church, Anthem. I have been managing a women’s recovery home, working with women coming out of the system dealing with addictions and abuse recovery. Ladd has been working as the youth director. Together, we coach community leaders and are active on our Global Mission’s Board.

We visited Burundi last June in order to strengthen our relationships there and explore what God may have for us there in the future. Burundi has endured a political crisis since about the time we left, with a president who won’t step down out of power. Because of this, Burundi has experienced instability, violence and extreme hunger (more than normal), and the amount of displaced people and refugees are rising by the day. While we were there, we felt God leading us in the direction of working with refugees and land rights in East Africa. Although we aren’t sure the details of what that will look like, that is the direction we are headed, which leads me to our next announcement…

A few months ago we received the news that Ladd was accepted at the London School of Economics and Politics to study African development with an emphasis on land rights for returning refugees in the Great Lakes region of East Africa. We will be moving to London this September for this reason, and are very excited! We very much see the time in London as missional training for future years in East Africa, and not just an academic endeavor. Additionally, we know that God is not about the destination, but the journey. That said, we are looking forward to being missionaries in the UK for a season!

We ask that over the next eight months until we move, that you would join us in prayer:

  • That God would provide someone to take both of our place’s in the ministries we are leaving (The women’s house and youth ministry)
  • That God would meet the financial need of going to school in London
  • That God would provide a place to live in central London for us that has room to host guests for a relatively inexpensive cost (I know this is insane, but we serve a God of miracles)

Thank you so much for your love and care for us! We look forward to keeping you posted on all that God is doing!


** Our hashtag for London will be #serwatshitthetube. This is hilarious, we are well aware. No need to point out the obvious. Through our road trip travels, we began using #serwatshittheroad. When we first used it, we didn’t notice the explicit look of it, but it was so hilarious that it just stuck. Feel free to follow us on Instagram or Facebook!


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