Sep. 5, 2013/ Ready, Set, Teach!


It has been a full week of meetings here in Bujumbura for me (Carley) as we get ready to start school on Monday! I could not be more excited. My team, Allie and Kweku, are some of the most qualified people for this position, and I can already see how God has brought the three of us together so compatibly.

My official position will be one of the three members of the pastoral team at Kings Secondary School. We will be in charge of teaching all the Bible classes between 7th and 13th grade (ages 13-19) and have decided to go through the Alpha course for kids. This is going to be hugely effective because in the past the curriculum for the Bible classes has been very theological, but not very evangelistic. They have had Muslim and Hindu students passing with perfect grades but not knowing Christ. With this new format, we will be focusing more on who Jesus is, what their identity is through Him, and how to live in a personal relationship with Him freely. Alongside teaching, we will be doing one on one counseling with struggling students. Lastly, we will be coordinating campus Bible clubs and recognizing students with leadership potential and putting them in charge of those clubs.

As Allie, a British mom of four, and Kweku, a Ghanian young married man, and I were getting ready for this next week’s lesson today, I was made aware of how perfect this team is going to be. We want to start out the first day talking about work ethic and why we work with excellence as Christians. I brainstormed and thought of the idea of having the students look into eight different Bible characters and talk about what they admire about their work ethic. For example, I admire David’s work ethic because even though he could have just sat in the field twiddling his thumbs daydreaming, he used his time well and taught himself to play music, trained himself in weaponry, and gained physical strength by fighting off lions and bears; he wasn’t lazy, he managed his time well, and he was always seeking ways to improve. I brought this idea to our team, both of which are trained teachers unlike myself, and they loved it. The moment of appreciation came when they took the idea and molded it to fit middle schoolers by making it into a game where the students have to race up to the front of the room and grab a piece of paper with a Bible character written on it, race back to their group where they will write down all the good work ethic attributes on a piece of colorful poster board and then present it to the class. God is using my skill set of coming up with creative content for small groups, and their gifts of teaching and getting into the minds of children and young adults to apply it!

I am sure there are many more things I will discover about how God has perfectly plotted out this year of working at the school, and I cannot wait to see what they are! I have struggled these last few weeks with anxiety of being the only American teacher at Kings and being afraid that I will not be qualified or have the right answers for hard questions. However, I know that my God has promised me that “in every way I am enriched in Him in all speech and all knowledge… and I am not lacking in any gift” (1 Corinthians 1:5-6). He is faithful, and He has big plans to revive Burundi for His glory starting with the hearts of these future leaders of the nation.

Please continue to join me in prayer for these special people and myself as we begin school this next week!

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