Sep. 30, 2013/ From Fear To Freedom


The night before school began, four weeks ago, I told Ladd that I was so afraid of loving it so much I wouldn’t want to leave. Well, that fear has come true in the most beautiful way. I am in love with this place God has me!

As many of you know, I had a really hard time here last year. It was a year full of tests, trials, and tears. God spent all last year working through issues in my heart of being content where He has me, not basing my value on my success or failures as a Christian, understanding how to be a good wife, and learning to be still. By the end of our first year here, I really had no idea where God was going to take me next, especially after a long season of wilderness and time alone. Now, more than ever, I see how He was preparing me for this season I am in now.

Already, the school has been such a blessing and doors are being opened in the hearts of these students. In each of my classes there are a handful of students that are asking questions and are genuinely interested in the truth of Jesus. They have never heard anyone tell them before that God loves them and wants a relationship with them, especially the young women. Aside from these amazing conversations, God has opened doors for tons of students to come into my office and share their stories, their questions and their concerns with me.

One little girl came in last week, she is eleven years old and stands at a whopping four and a half feet tall. She came in because she had become a Christian through an evangelist on TV at her house, but she said she didn’t feel any different, didn’t have any conviction, didn’t feel like her prayers went anywhere. I felt God tell me that this little girl needed to receive the Holy Spirit. I explained to her what that meant, and she was eager to receive Him. So we prayed together, with chill bumps down my entire body, and this precious daughter of Jesus received His Spirit. She came back to my office a few hours later with a big drawing of her and the Holy Spirit saying, “Praise Jesus! I have the Spirit!”

It is moments like this and more that just stun me. God is moving in powerful ways, but it is not without a fight. I feel like we attacked the enemy in a blind spot the first week of school, and now he is fighting back. Spiritually, I can sense a wall between us and the students. There is a battle going on over the hearts and souls over these students, and over me to be able to effective. Even as I write this and hear the call to prayer, my heart breaks for my students that are stuck in the bondage of Islam. Yet, this is what urges me forward: to see Jesus set the captives free!

I can’t wait to keep you posted on all the amazing things God is doing and is going to do! Thank you!

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