March 13, 2016/ Milk For Transformation


As we prepare for our visit to Burundi, we recognize the challenges the country is experiencing. It is one of the hungriest countries in the world. Burundi continues in a state of political instability, only lending to further poverty due to increasingly limited external aid, depleting foreign direct investment, and domestic marketplace challenges. All of these problems are only made worse with frequent reports of human rights violations by NGOs such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

For these reasons, we want to highlight amazing work being done by our friends at such a crucial time as this.

Milk For Transformation

This ministry transforms families and communities through microloans in the form of livestock. This brings hope to families in rural communities by providing high yield Friesian cows, alleviating malnutrition and providing an income. It also transforms the lives of families in slum communities of Bujumbura by providing high quality milk at affordable prices. It also liberates the land from overgrazing, helping prevent future malnutrition. See a video of its work here

Transformation through Milk: The Right Cows! Locally bred long-horned cattle yield little milk and also stray easily, so families keep children out of school to look after the cows. Milk for Transformation, BBAC, provides high yield Friesian cattle from neighboring Tanzania. These cows stay put so children’s school attendance improves.

Leadership: BBAC is directed by Evariste Ndayirukiye, a Burundian who trained in Germany in biological agriculture, working with companies that specialize in organic agricultural development.

How you can help:

$1000 provides one cow, lifting six children out of poverty and improves the nutrition for 15 more children and adults in the slum communities of Bujumbura.

$2000 provides vital infrastructure development to take the project to help scale up the project to reach hundreds more children and families.

$10,000 provides ten cows and lifts 60 children out of poverty, improving the nutrition of a further 150 children and adults in the slum communities of Bujumbura.

Evariste has a vision to scale up BBAC to take this project beyond Burundi into the fertile soils of the Congo. He says, “I can see the country of DRC feeding Africa in the future.

African GLO Tour…

Ladd will be, for the third time, riding in the African GLO Tour bicycle ride. Due to the political tension and violence in Burundi, the ride will be held in Rwanda instead of Burundi this year, but we will still be fundraising towards Burundian partnerships and organizations. The African GLO Tour is a fundraiser that was put together four years ago by Simon Guillebaud, a good friend and long-time missionary on the ground. Up to twenty-five men come from around the world to ride for seven days around the perimeter of Rwanda. It is through preparation for this exciting trip that each rider raises funds and awareness for one of the Great Lakes Outreach organizations. Great Lakes Outreach (GLO) supports a handful of organizations in Burundi including ministries focused on community and spiritual transformation, equipping children families and young leaders, social enterprise, sustainable development, evangelism and discipleship. Each rider gathers financial support and awareness for these organizations, which we have had an opportunity to witness in action first-hand. Ladd has recruited a couple of men from our home-church, Anthem, to go on the ride with him.

If you would like to support Ladd’s efforts in fundraising for these amazing ministries working in Burundi at a crucial time:

1) by mailing checks made out to Great Lakes Outreach to this address:


PO BOX 2379


2) Give online by clicking HERE.
2) by sharing this blog post and telling other’s about this opportunity we have to bless others

If you have any questions as to how finances work, or about any of the other subjects mentioned in this email, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you!

Ladd and Carley

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