June 30, 2013/ Looking Ahead


Well, it has been a wonderful eight weeks here at home in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, full of friends, family, speaking arrangements, working, coffee dates, and some lake fun! It truly has been a blessing to be able to come home, rest, get healthy and reconnect with people, and we are excited to be heading back to Burundi this upcoming week!

We will be stopping in Ethiopia for a week on the way back, and finally we will be landing in Burundi on the 15th. Ladd, myself, and Haylee will be flying back together, and Jacque will be following us two weeks later. Ladd will be going back to his ministry of discipling young leaders and working with Scripture Union. Haylee will continue her work with Youth for Christ and their secondary school where she teaches and living at their kid’s home. Jacque, who previously was teaching in Tanzania with Village Schools, will be joining Haylee out at the kid’s home and teaching English at the secondary school for the year. I will be up to new things this year, however! I am going to be an on-site counselor and a part of a team of three pastors for a Christian, English speaking secondary school called Kings next to my home in Bujumbura. My primary tasks will be teaching a Bible class, counseling students one on one, tutoring, helping run girl’s sports, and pastoring and raising up leaders within the student body with the vision of impacting future leaders of the nation. Such an exciting time!

Throughout the time Ladd and I will be in Burundi, we will send out weekly newsletters like this one, just like last year. Haylee and Jacque will be sending out weekly to bi-monthly updates as well. If for some reason you are on this list, and you do not want to receive the newsletters, you can scroll to the bottom of this newsletter and hit “unsubscribe.” If you would like to subscribe to Haylee and Jacque’s updates as well, email them at: hayleefournier@gmail.com and jacque.fairfield@gmail.com.

We will be sent out again by Anthem Friends, our local church. If you would like to donate towards our living expenses, any project we fundraise for, or Burundi missions in general, there are two ways to send in money. First you can mail in checks to PO Box 3411 Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho 83816, with “Burundi” written in the memo line. Second, you can go to http://www.thisisouranthem.com and click on the “give” button. It will then walk you through selecting “Missions” and then to which field you’d like it to go.

As always, your prayers are appreciated more than anything else!

We look forward to keeping in contact throughout our time in Burundi and sharing life with you from across the world!

Thank you,
Ladd and Carley

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