Jan. 20, 2013/ Astounded By Selflessness


Hello dear friends and family!

If you are wondering what these strange animals are, the birds are the famous Umusambi, the Ugandan bird of the nation, and the monkey was sitting close by making a fort out of garbage!

Ladd and I both are feeling really excited about the new year and making sure that we are working with excellence as though we were working for the Lord. It is easy to get stuck in a routine and do a job halfway, but we are excited to be exploring new ways of working together and with our partners to bring about the most glory to God. After all, it is only by his grace and power that we are effective at all!

We have had selflessness on our hearts lately. What can we be doing to be actively more selfless, in our time, our relationships, our finances, and our thoughts? Today while I was at work, God allowed me to see such a beautiful example of selflessness. One of my coworkers, who has one of the most powerful hearts for the Lord, was talking to me about money. I knew that each of the staff at Kings had a Christmas bonus of $100.00 dollars. That is about one month’s salary for the King’s staff, and there are about fifty staff members that received this. I asked him what he had done with this money, knowing he has very little. He lives in a one bedroom apartment with three of his friends, owns two shirts, one sweater, one dress outfit, and two pairs of shoes. He can afford to eat one meal a day, and a glass of milk sometimes for dinner.

So upon asking him this question, I certainly was expecting to be excited with him over some new shoes, a nice dinner outing, or something new for his house. With the biggest smile, he told me how he gave every penny of it to his mother. He said, “My mother, I love her so much. She took care of me and made sacrifices for me when I was young. She deserves to have someone help her now. She has no force to work, because she is getting old. It gave my heart so much delight to be able to give her all that money! I love her more than any other person! Oh, Carley, I wish you could have seen her face!” I just sat there, teary eyed and dumbfounded. He wasn’t putting on a show of what he had done, because for him there was no question of what to do with that money. It wasn’t a sacrifice; it was his joy to do this for his mom.

I am so selfish! When I get money as a bonus, immediately I think of all the things that I want to buy. I think, “Yes! This money can go toward me getting a new computer!” or “Finally! Now I can go on a shopping spree and get cute new fall clothes!”  If I may be feeling “charitable,” I might give a portion of it away, all the while patting myself on the back for what a good job I did, but certainly not all of it! I am so challenged by this. I came back to my office just weeping over how in the world someone with so little could be more generous than me, who has infinitely more than this guy could comprehend.

Bearing this in mind, we have decided to raise support for Evariste – the man with the cows from the previous update. We would like to help him expand what he is doing by financing cows for new families and buying pigs to eat the wasted milk, which in turn can be sold for a high profit. If you would like to help in this endeavor to support him and the many families that are sustained by this business, you can donate through our website (www.hopeprojectglobal.org) , or you can click on the DONATE button on this page, and it will take you straight there. From that link, you can donate into “The General Fund,” and then send Dave an email letting him know that you would like the money to go to Evariste (dave@hopeprojectglobal.org).

Let us be continually be inspired and transformed by stories such as this one, as we realize and give thanks for the much we have been given.

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