Jan. 12, 2014/ The Blind See


Jesus told us to have faith like a child. I’ve heard this before. I have quoted this before, but I’ve really learned a lesson about a child’s faith.

After the young boy who was burned returned from Rwanda, we were told he needed a month or two of rest before we were able to schedule another surgery in Uganda. The last few days I have been in touch with the doctor in Uganda, and he seems very hopeful about the surgery. This will restore functionality to the young one’s facial features which have been damaged. 

The doctor needed some up-to-date photos to track the healing progress of the skin graft, and I needed to prepare some paperwork for their passports to Uganda. I rang Umukuru Wanje (my Burundian brother) to ask if he wanted to join me for an adventure out to the village, where our young friend lives. Before I finished the details of the trip, he had his shoes on.

Burundi’s windy roads, thick forests, and red clay took us a few miles from the southern border. Tanzania mountains could be seen only a few miles away. Atop some rolling hills, we saw their small village outside Makamba. We found a simple house with a smiling, familiar face playing outside with his siblings. His skin graft was healing very well, and it was great to see progress. 

I had said before that he was only able to see from one eye. Doctors verified this fact. Tests were done to show he had no sight in one eye. Many prayers have been spoken for even the good eye to continue working without proper skin as an eyelid to protect it.

These medical facts, figures, and statistics didn’t hinder the prayers of a five year old girl. She had come to know about the damage done by the burns and had compassion for him. She prayed fervently each day the boy would have complete healing of his vision.

Miraculously, he now sees in both eyes! 

No surgery has been done to restore vision. No doctor even thought to try and operate. They said the cornea would have to be replaced for any vision to ever be possible. Doctors could not find a trace of vision in one eye, but now anyone can tell that there is sight from both eyes. Simply by covering one eye and holding various objects in front of the eye thought to have been blind, he is able to recognize things.

This is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you God. Thank you for answering the prayers of even the youngest children. Give us all faith like a child.

“I see” says the blind boy.

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