Jan. 1, 2013 / Happy New Years!


It has been an exciting year for all of us here in Burundi, and many of you in other parts of the world. We really appreciate all of the love, support, and encouragement from you at home.

The last month has been exciting for Carley, Haylee, and myself as we have received the Scammell family for their time here. We have really enjoyed showing them different work, friends, and places that we have become familiar with. It has been especially nice to have Christmas, Carley and my 2nd wedding anniversary, and New Years with such great friends. The adventures and stories have been in no short supply with all of us together.
Our New Year’s Eve took place at a center for orphans, elderly who have been abandoned by families, and those seeking refuge. This particular place refuses to turn anyone away. The center seeks to find permanent homes for all of the children globally and adopt out to other parts of the world. The most devastating are the children left behind by the adoption community. These kids are those with severe physical or mental problems who will not live a “typical” life. We were challenged by this and seek to be the difference between humanitarian love and the love of Christ. Where humanitarian aid ends, the love of Christ just begins! We hope to be those who further extend this love of Christ in the new year and those to come.

A particular conversation has come up often between all of us here. What will 2013 look like for our friends, family, world, and us? With so many changes happening last year, we certainly have a lot of uncertainty for what is ahead. I’m sure there is much more to come. Let’s be ready!

What hopes and dreams do you have for 2013? What do you see happening in your life this next year? May our focus be on greater things that result in impacting our communities, nation, and world; to the glory of God! For HOPE Project, especially for Carley, Haylee, and I, we focus on working here in Burundi in restoring so much that has been damaged in years of war. We look not only to rebuilding of damaged buildings, but to damaged spirits and minds; to damaged bodies and world views.

Let us be the people we are called to be in 2013. Let us make goals beyond ourselves. We are excited to hear from all of you the ways lives have been changed around you!

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