Feb. 22, 2014 / This is the Day


I looked out of my classroom window on Thursday to see a couple Mzungu faces touring my school. After all that had just happened that morning, I thought to myself, “They should take off their shoes. They are standing on holy ground.” Then I checked my reflection in the glass to see if my face was actually glowing like Moses from being in the presence of God. That is the extent to which the Spirit showed up and did miracles that morning. Thursday was one of the happiest days of my life. I am overwhelmed.


On Monday this week, while planning my lessons, I felt God strongly tell me he wanted me to share my testimony with the two oldest classes instead of my Exodus lesson plan. Sharing my testimony with year 12 made me nervous, with half the class being Muslim.  I have been trying to love on and share truth with this group for a long time but have only been met with resistance.


At four am that morning, God woke me up, and we talked about the day. I asked him to tell me something I should expect for the following hours. I felt in my spirit the phrase, “This is the day.” That was a nice thought, but I doubted that was from God. I was probably just being optimistic and hopeful. So I kept that word to myself. If I told anyone, and it turned out to be a normal day, then I would feel foolish, not to mention let down.


But is any day “normal” as a Jesus follower?


A few hours later, I walked into year 12 literally shaking and heart pounding. I had to pause, excuse myself to the bathroom and spend a few minutes calming down. Entering the second time, I sat on the front table, cross legged, and looked on at many eyes staring at me waiting to see what would happen. As usual, it took a few minutes to quiet them down, as they are generally a disinterested class.


Beginning with a deep breath, I told them how I was going to share my story with them. They excitedly put away all their books and some clapped. This class loves story time. I breathed a sigh of relief. Beginning with birth, I shared my story. The detail, which I can’t remember now, must have been captivating because no one moved or spoke. When there were moments of laughter, they were soon followed by other students saying, “Shhhh! Shhhh!” wanting to hear more. I talked for over an hour. Glory to God.


At the end of my testimony, the Spirit was already doing the work in the hearts of the students. Immediately, I had to take one girl out of class because she was crying so hysterically. When we got out of class, all I could understand between gasped breaths was, “I want to go back to God…I don’t want to be Muslim anymore…”


That is not something you hear everyday.


That was an incredible moment. I would have been satisfied for weeks rejoicing over that. But God was not finished. Within the following forty minutes, five different girls came to me crying and pouring out their hearts. There was a variety of issues, one with a broken family, the other who feels lost and confused and depressed, the other who is suffering from a broken heart, and the other struggling with friendships.  I would attempt to make it to my office, but every fifteen feet God put someone else in my path who was broken and needed comfort or prayer. It was incredible! It was like every single wall against Jesus came down in one day! None of these students are Christians, but they are actually beginning to see that no other method is working, no other god is answering. One girl openly admitted that drinking, boys, even her god, does not seem to be fixing anything. She willingly accepted advice to begin asking Jesus for help instead. Our God is the only God who truly heals!
When I finally made it to my office almost an hour later from leaving year 12, I felt as if I had been in a spiritual whirlwind. What was happening today? Every time I left my office, it was with anticipation of who was going to approach me next!


I think one of the most beautiful parts of this whole story was talking to my mom this morning. She told me how Wednesday night her time (same time as all this was happening my time), God had compelled her to pray for me, specifically that I would be blessed to see some of the results of the work God was doing in these student’s lives. It is amazing how God is not only blessing ME with allowing me to see some fruit of the work he is doing, but he is blessing YOU with allowing you to see the direct effect of your prayers.


Thank you for prayerfully supporting me in this time at the school, and I hope you know that you are a reason why days like this happen. The prayer cover you provide is vital. God is listening, and he is answering! May God bless you for participating in the furthering of his Kingdom on Earth!

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