Dec. 29, 2013/ War


We are at war, there is no doubt about it. This war did not begin today or even last year, but at the beginning of time. From the second we were created a war began to take place over the hearts and souls of mankind.

There is a man named Stephen who is in Ladd’s discipleship group, and he stops by our house all the time to hang out with us. The last few times he has brought with him his friend, Christopher. Christopher was a once named Hakim and was born and raised in a Muslim family. He shared his testimony with me a few weeks ago. Needless to say, it was powerful. Every time he visits I (Carley) learn more and more about Islam from an insider’s perspective. I wanted to share some of the powerful story he shared.

When Christopher became a Christian, he tried to hide it from his family. He would be Christopher around all of his Christian friends, but when he went home he would put back on the Islam garb and become Hakim. Finally, one day he was challenged by the Bible verse, “If you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father.” So he told his dad about his conversion. His dad dragged him out of the house in his underwear, drove him to the bus station, threw a few coins at him and said, “ Get out of this country (he was in Rwanda), I never want to see you again.” He rode the bus to Burundi in his underwear, sad but empowered by the Spirit. To this day, his dad still has not accepted him. His mother has become a Christian (his parents are not together) and renounced her Islamic roots.

Today, he gave me more details to his testimony. He told me that when he had first heard the Gospel, he was skeptical. His friend told him that there is power in the name of Jesus. Some time later, he was sleeping and was awoken by a demonic grip around his neck and pressure over his whole body. He tried speaking the Muslim prayer for this situation, which goes something like, “I go to Allah and away from Satan.” However, he couldn’t get the words out, and kept trying to scream and wake his friends next to him but nothing worked. Finally, he remembered what his friend had said and after much effort managed to get the word, “Yesu” (Jesus) out of his mouth. Instantly he was released.

Still skeptical, Christopher prayed every day at the mosque that if Jesus was real that he would give him a sign to prove it. As his story continued, he told us about a Muslim aunt he had that was possessed. His family figured she had gone mad, and she forgot every person she knew (like Alzheimer’s). They took her to every medical doctor they could find and no one could not diagnose her. Finally, one day a Christian somehow discovered the situation and went to pray over her. Christopher, and some of his mother’s converted family was there when the person came.

The following scenario described was a graphic exorcism of this woman. Muslim’s believe in “jinns” (good and bad demons) that possess people to either punish them or give them power. This woman at some point had become possessed. During the Christian’s praying over her, she began speaking strange things and talking in a man’s voice begging to be left alone, trying to negotiate and deceive the Christian to believe the demons had left. Finally, the woman began to throw up. In her vomit was a small Quran and some other witchcraft artifacts. Muslims believe that the physical Quran is holy, so sometimes they eat the book. The vomited artifacts were covered in blood. As the Christian finished praying and the final demons left her, swinging the door open as they left. The woman fell asleep for many days. She awoke hungry days later, and when she woke up she looked around at her family and recognized them for the first time in four years. She cried as she looked upon her children who had grown and at her own face which had become thin and sickly. Her family told her that it was Jesus who had saved her.

This was the sign needed for Christopher to begin surrendering his life to Jesus, and he made Jesus Lord of his life. I hope and pray the Muslims that we come into contact with here are asking God the same questions.

I am so thankful for men like Christopher, who was so willing to help me understand Muslims in a deeper way through a very valuable perspective. Even though we live in a different physical world here in Burundi, the spiritual battle we fight is the same whether in the US or anywhere else. We must not underestimate the power and the deception of our enemy, nor the power we have over him in Jesus’ name. This is war.


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