Dec. 17, 2103/ Love Does


As the title of a popular book says, love does. When we love, we simply do things. Sometimes, extraordinary things. People around us may say we are crazy because of the things we do for love. Despite the strangeness of love, I hope all of us want to be someone that people could look back at and say, “they were a little off their rocker, but my goodness they loved.”

Thank you so much for those that have partnered with us to help love on our young friend here that was burned. It has been a roller coaster couple of weeks! Operations, trips to Rwanda, highs, and lows have all been part of this journey.

I was together with the family a few days ago and we were really having a wonderful time. You would expect a kid who has spent almost an entire year in the confines of a hospital bed to be somewhat broken of spirit, quiet, reserved, and somber from all the hardships. Wrong! This little guy is the exact opposite. He is a funny and rambunctious three year old that kept me laughing and smiling the whole time we were together. “Mama, mama watch me do this!” were words I heard more than a few times. Funny voices, climbing on things, and running around were all activities so special to see. I kept thinking, “Oh be careful,” but how could I even begin to restrain him from playing? Playing and laughing can be some of the best medication.

We had received some great news a few days ago that some international doctors who were spending a short time in Burundi were able to do a skin graft. The problem had been that the tissue on the child’s head was not healing. Every time he even bumped something the tissue would crack and start bleeding. Any parent with a two or three year old knows its hard to keep them from bumping into things from time to time. I’m happy to say the skin graft was successful and has been healing up.

A surgery was scheduled in Rwanda for this weekend but the skin graft needs some more time to heal. We had hoped the operation would be able to happen as soon as possible, but the skin around the eye from the graft simply needs more time. He is receiving treatment now in Rwanda to promote recovery and for further examination from the doctor who will be conducting the next surgery. Our current news from the doctor is that the surgery will be scheduled in 45 to 60 days.

Continue to pray with us. I have so much hope in this young and beautiful life. His mother is hopeful and is always praising God for the work many of you have been a part of. It is a joy to see that for sure,

Love does.

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