Aug. 27, 2013/ Discipleship in Burundi


After returning to Burundi, the first thing on my(Ladd’s) agenda was gathering a group of people to  team up with and throughout the week, be working together to see God’s Kingdom come in Burundi. I had been praying all summer, “God, bring together just the right group of people. Nothing too big that we can’t really get to know each other. Not too small that we won’t have momentum, gifting, and encouragement needed.” Last week, we met together and I can really see a diverse and exciting group of people. We said, “Let us explore what God’s Word and His Spirit speaks to us, and actually do something about it. Let’s not just do something about it individually, but let us do it together. When we read about Jesus taking care of the sick, that is exactly what we will do. When He asks us to give a voice to the voiceless, that will be our anthem.”

Part of this is every week, a group of about 40 people gather together in a home in Bujumbura to spend time with each other. Carley and I are often so encouraged by this time with the amazing people we are blessed to be in relationship with. This week, two of our friends had invited a few of their friends to join us. After we had spent an hour or so together, the two new guys began talking to others about their life. One began discussing his family background in Islam but was really seeking something different. Someone took that moment to share the hope found in Christ, a life drastically different from Islam. Overhearing this conversation, the other visitor from Congo mentioned he also didn’t know who this “Jesus” really was. Both of them decided that night to change the direction of their life and begin living out a life surrendered to Christ.

Pray for both of these guys. Our new friend from Congo is now returning to a family very confused about spirituality, religion, and life. We are sure the other young man will face a lot of persecution from his family for expressing his new desire to follow Christ, rather than Islam. We would love for both of them not only to be changed, but to see their entire family and community changed for the glory of God.


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