April 15, 2013/ Desks for Hope


Our home church, Anthem Friends, has launched a campaign for Village Schools Tanzania called Desks for Hope. What is Village Schools Tanzania and Desks for Hope and how are we connected to it?

Hope Project has been supporting and investing in Village Schools Tanzania (VST) for the last four years. Essentially, VST works with villages in Tanzania to help them build functioning secondary schools. Over one million children in Tanzania graduate from 6th grade every year, but only two hundred thousand are able to go onto secondary school. That means that eighty percent of all the children in Tanzania do not receive more than a 6thgrade education. Imagine if at your local elementary school, only four kids graduated per class continue on to high school. How would that affect our country?

VST has found a brilliant way to address this need by coming along side local villages throughout Tanzania. The people in the villages are  responsible for building the school, while VST provides cement and roofing. After the school is built, VST supplies teachers and necessary supplies. The students are able to continue on in their education after grade school. Currently, they have built and opened twenty six secondary schools, with ten more currently under construction. The approach of VST is highly effective because they rely on locals to take the initiative and do the work building schools, providing not just an education but also a sense of pride in their work. HOPE Project has several people to teach at the schools over the years, including Jacque, our good friend, who is over there teaching English right now.

Anthem Friends has decided to come along side VST in an effort to provide the desks needed for classes this fall (resulting in “Desks for Hope”) . In order to finish the ten schools this year, they will need 1,800 desks. Each desk costs $18. I know that doesn’t sound like very much to you and me, but to people in Tanzania it is nearly three weeks wages. We invite you to join in on this goal, with the hope that over the next three weeks we will be able to to supply the 1,800 desks they need to open the ten new high schools this year! For more information or if you would like to donate, go to: desksforhope.com.

It is a privilege to be a part of a church that fully supports and embraces not only what we are doing in Burundi, but also has a heart for sharing the Gospel and helping the poor around the globe. We are fully confident that if we all come together in giving up latte’s for a week, a date night, a new t-shirt, or a couple movie tickets, it is easily possible to raise the funds for these desks, which help change lives all across Tanzania!

Three weeks. Less than one dollar a day.

Let’s do this.

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